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Initiating Collaboration Between LCA And The County Government Of Laikipia Through Working Groups

Laikipia Conservancies Association, LCA, and the County Government of Laikipia have formed a joint Working Group that will be the point of coordination and collaboration between the conservancies and the County. The group formed during a joint meeting in January, is working to ensure that issues of common interest are addressed through partnership, towards the common goal of Conservation and achieving various Social-Economic Impacts. The Working Group has already developed a Terms Of Reference which will inform its operations. The Working Group will also play the coordination role in project implementation within Laikipia County which will be crucial in eliminating duplication of resources.

“The County Government in its role of providing services to the residents of Laikipia County has rolled out several projects throughout the County; LCA members are also undertaking community livelihood projects within their communities”, says LCA CEO Peter Matunge. “If we work together, we will amplify the impact, and ensure that more community members are beneficiaries".

The Working Group will be the point of contact in sharing updated data on various sectors of Laikipia County and in mobilizing funds for development projects. At the same time, the Working Group will play the critical role of identifying areas of collaboration on policy and community engagement. It has also been tasked with promoting Tourism, Wildlife, and Rangeland Management in Laikipia.

Similarly, Laikipia Conservancies Association which is in the process of developing a landscape-wide Carbon Credits program will work closely with the County and National Governments particularly as Kenya moves to enact legislation to govern the sector. The Group has had three meetings since its formation.
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